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Reservation Policies and other charges


Reservation Policies and other charges

You can check in after 4:00 PM, You must check out by 10:00 AM. When ever possible, arrangements can be made for earlier check in and later check out times

You will be given directions to the cabin and a combination for the door lock prior to your rental date and after we receive your full payment, which is to include the damage deposit.

THERE IS NO SMOKING IN THE CABIN. You may smoke outside but please dispose of your cigarette butts appropriately. If you leave any remnants of your smoking outside, or smoke in the cabin, it will reflect in your damage deposit.


There will be bedding for each bed. There will be one towel for each person in your group. There are adequate kitchen utensils for cooking. If you want special cooking tools, or more towels than the usual, you are welcome to bring your own.

J & B's Getaway does not have control over the mechanical performance of the hot tub. If the hot tub becomes inoperable during your stay, and maintenance cannot be performed, you may contact us for further instructions. There are no hot tub fees, thus there will be no refunds if the hot tub is inoperable.

J & B's Getaway is not responsible for any act of negligence in the use of the hot tub. The renter assumes all responsibility for themselves and their guests in the care and use of the hot tub. You may be asked to add more chemicals, spray the filter, add water or keep on a cleaning cycle. Adults must be with children in the hot tub, extreme care and caution must be followed

J & B's Getaway is not responsible for any accidents. Use at your own risk.

J & B's Getaway will not be held liable for damage, loss or injury resulting from negligence of guests or friends of guests. Further, we will not assume responsibility for loss, delay or expense caused by weather or other circumstances beyond the control of the owners of J & B's Getaway.

Reservations and deposits
A non-refundable deposit equal to one nights stay is required at the time of reservation. Reservations are to be paid in full 30 days in advance.
If there is less than 30 days when making the reservation, payment in full must be made within 10 days of the reservation.

Rentals for the Sturgis Rally require a 25% non-refundable deposit and the remainder of the amount is due on May 1st. If no payment is made by May 1st, you forfeit your reservation and payment. If you reserve after May 1st, the total payment is due within 10 days of the reservation. All fees are non-refundable for the Rally.

Damage Deposits
They are due with the full payment.
A separate personal check, money order, or certified check is suggested.
The monies will be held until the cabin is cleaned and inspected. This can be held up to 2 weeks after your stay but rarely that late. If the deposit is paid by check, it will be shredded if there are no damages.

If there are items that we need to charge for which include but are not restricted to: excessive cleaning, excessive garbage, damaged carpets - towels - sheets, damaged hot tub, damaged appliances, heat turned up, missing items, etc. There will be an email sent to you with an itemized list of deductions with the remainder of the deposit.

Cancellation Policy
In lieu of monetary refunds for cancellations you may reschedule your stay, excluding Holidays and the Surgis Rally.

Sturgis Rally
The fees are non-refundable and there is no re-scheduling. If you have not paid the full rental fees by May 1st, you forfeit your registration fees and will lose the cabin.

Cleaning Charges
There may be a cleaning charge for the cabin. This will be disclosed at rental time.

Rental Fees
Rates will depend on the time of year, number of nights and number of people click on the "Calendar and Bookings" link for current rates and availability.

Rental fees are subject to change at the owner's discretion. The price quoted at the time of your reservation will remain the same.

We hope that you enjoy your stay in the cabin. We are looking forward to working with you so that you have the best visit possible.

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